Boston Power, Full MP4 Movie, 720 X 576

Featuring the junior champion in powerlifting from Boston, USA, Leslie Look , 22 years old at the time of the shootings. After measurments of her mighty thighs in comparison with the 51 cm thighs of a man of nearly the double age, she scissors him, schoolboypins him, headlocks and spanks him. Dialogs are in english language……………… ………….The Boston Lady has now enough from the older German man, who only says "aua" and asks "Where is the next?" Tuncer from Turkey courageously said: "Here I am". Lets play now your fantasy, what the Boston Lady is doing with the turkish macho. Seems, she likes schoolboypins, hard scissors, spanking, stretching. She is open-minded and has no limits in dominating men for her fun. Seems, it’s more fun than only to lift stupid dumbells.

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