Bunny Glamazon in Sammie’s Ultimate Torture 01

In our last video, tiny Sammy is on her way back to work after thinking that she is now Bunny’s master after relaxing Bunny with body massages of her body and feet and putting her to sleep. Little does Sammy know that Bunny is waiting for her and decides to give her the ultimate punishment. Firstly she drags her into her room and binds Sammie to her exercise bench. Tied up, Bunny then tickles, tortures, spanks and shows poor little Sammie that Bunny is on to her tricks. A totally beaten, Sammie is then untied and thrown out of Bunny house and told NEVER TO RETURN. Will she return in Bunny’s upcoming videos? Hum……..Check out all of Bunny Glamazon’s Pictures and clips at her WEB site www.bunnyglamazon.com and at her Clips4Sale site at: http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/45798

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