Charlotte is a little nervous about meeting her blind date. She has only seen a head shot of him and even though he is cute, she is worried that he will be as big as a gorilla. But when he walks in she is stunned! He is SO tiny! And for Paco, it is his lucky day. He loves big women so much and Charlotte just towers over him! He is very excited to start the date when all of a sudden something unimaginable happens. Charlotte’s roommate walks into the room and Paco can’t believe his eyes. Angel is even bigger than Charlotte! He is so ecstatic that he pushes Charlotte down on the couch and clutches onto the legs of the massive roommate. He is in heaven as he tilts his head back to look up at the giant and just can’t seem to take his arms off of her incredibly long body. Charlotte is very jealous and tries to find a solution that will make everybody happy. Paco looks like a in a candy store as he stands in between the massive, arguing women. Will the two towering roommates find a way to share this little gem?

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