Paco is a very lucky man. Not only does he live with two incredibly tall women, but they are constantly fighting over him! The women agreed to share him by alternating days with one another, but big Charlotte is breaking that agreement by trying to get Paco to go to bed with her on Angel’s day! And when the gigantic Angel catches Charlotte doing this, trouble arises. The women begin arguing back and forth with poor little Paco standing happily between them. Paco has to break his neck to look up at the fighting giants, but does so with a huge smile on his face. Paco never thought that two extremely tall women would be fighting over him, so he just enjoys every second of it. He clutches on to Angel’s waist like a does to it’s mother. He loves to be close to these massive women, and seeing them fight over him is like music to his ears. He knows that he will be spending the rest of his life with these two towers. What a lucky guy.

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