Paco has been completely worn out. Living with these two massive giants has been very tiring for him, and he finds himself needing a break. But when the incredibly tall Charlotte tells him that she wants some more action, he is completely helpless to say no. He tells her to wait upstairs while he cooks his food – as he is going to need all the energy that he can get! Then the amazingly huge Angel comes down and also tells him that she wants some action. Paco tells her to go upstairs and wait as well. But when the tall women discover that he has double booked them, they must confront him. The two women charge downstairs and surround the little man. It is an amazing sight as the two women simply tower over his little body. Although he has lived with them for awhile, he is still in awe of their incredible height. Their bodies seem to stretch to the sky as he looks up at them. The massive women eventually figure out that if they make him a huge dinner, he will have the energy to have both of them at the same time. Better get cooking giants!

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