When Slayde was called to a woman’s house to fix her TV, he had no idea what he was stepping into. As he walks through her front door, is in complete shock of what is standing in front of him. He tilts his head back to see the gigantic woman standing before him and instantly falls in love. He has been waiting his whole life to find a tall girl like this and now he has found her. But she is not impressed with his puny height. After a few body comparisons she is not sure that his little hands would even be able to fix her big TV, but he assures her that even though he is tiny, he can be as BIG as she needs him to be. He is simply amazed by her enormous body – her arms seem to stretch on forever and her legs look like skyscrapers! If he can just focus for a few minutes and fix her TV, maybe he will have a chance with this gigantic goddess!

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