Susan thinks that just because Slayde is smaller than her that he will not be able to pick her up – but he is more than willing to prove her wrong. He picks her up easily a number of times, but she is still not convinced. She claims that the lifts were too easy, and that he couldn’t REALLY lift her. But since she thinks that she is so much bigger and stronger than he is, he challenges her to lift him up! Amazingly, the woman picks him up with ease, and he is pretty impressed. All Slayde wants is to go out with her to the dance, so he makes a bet that if he can do a more difficult lift, that she will have to go out with him. So he lifts her up in a very difficult and awkward way and parades her around the house. But she still won’t go out with him! Left with no other options, he lifts her up against her will and carries her her to the dance over his shoulder. It may look silly, but she asked for it!

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