Whip-a-dee-doo-dah 01

Little Olivia is doing some sewing work for Bonnie when she comes with the sewing it is obviously no good and not up to Bunny’s strict Standards. Because of this, Bunny is forced to really take it out on poor little Olivia. Bunny makes Olivia work out ruthlessly in Bunny’s home gym. Bunny is ruthless as she commands Olivia to work-out with all the different equipment Bunny owns, as she whips Olivia, and makes sure she does with Bunny desires. Then she then drag her around the floor and sits on her, whips her, makes her Bunny’s personal human furniture. Bunny continue to whip Olivia as she makes her do her bidding. At the end of the video, Bunny drags Olivia into a closet and threatens to feed her dog food. Check out all of Bunny Glamazon’s Pictures and clips at her WEB site www.bunnyglamazon.com and at her Clips4Sale site at: http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/45718

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